Sales Training

Sales Training is the process of maximizing sales performance in the short and long term by executing the coaching road map, and holding regular one-on-one or group conversations over a sustained period of time. The Sales Coaching system makes change systematic and best behaviours automatic.

For several years, Biz-Guru has had one goal; to create and implement a practical Sales Training process designed specifically for sales people to acquire a dramatic improvement in their sales results. Together with our eager team, Biz-Guru crafted the process, implemented the system, and refined it over time based on the results achieved by our clients.

While we had success with Sales Training previously, results increased tremendously after we designed and implemented our new Sales Training System.

Biz-Guru Sales Coaching

Biz-Guru Sales Coaching

With this coaching system, our client’s report between a 15 – 65% increase in sales activity, leads generated, average deal size, and closing ratios. However, numbers like these fail to tell the story that individual cases bring alive:

  • FloSolve acquired the services of Biz-Guru in 2012, as they wanted to achieve above average sales growth and expand into new markets by driving aggressive profit targets.  During the first year the focus was set on accountability, building a team and driving sales skills. Our aim was to create a safe environment to drive long-term change and productivity. A five-year plan was created to drive the business, and all resulting decisions. Average growth on year-to-year sales increased from 16% to 25.6% and then to 38%. Executive Team is driving non-financial goals and systems to support the growth. The Business is moving away from increasing resources as a way to drive sales and is more focused on increasing productivity – working smarter not harder. The communication between Directors is increasing.
  • Toshiba has been losing market share in the South African market. The Sales Team and Sales Managers were not performing at an optimum level. Staff attrition was high. Senior Technical, Finance and Sales staff members were not working as a team, which was negatively affecting sales and customers service. On average we increased the individual sales team performance from 10% to 196%. We started working with the sales team, focusing on basic sales skills combined with driving their accountability, personal development and business development. A strong focus was applied to daily behaviour and managing their inside chatter, becoming consciously competent in all behaviours and mastering basic sales skills like cold calling, increasing listening ability and questioning skills.

When consistently done, Sales Training sessions deliver excellent results. Biz-Guru has learned over the years that three critical factors are needed to ensure the success of a Sales Training program. Sales Coaching works when the coach / facilitator / mentor:

  1. includes the 5 steps of the Sales Coach during the Sales Training session
  2. establishes a consistent and regular rhythm and frequency to the Sales Training process, employing specific strategies to inspire top performance

    Biz-Guru sales coaching

    Biz-Guru sales coaching

  3. leads masterful coaching conversations

5 Steps of the Sales Trainer:

The best sales trainers take 5 steps to allow them to maximize the performance of our clients.

  1. DEFINE: The best sales coaches assist sellers to define both their goals and a path to their own personal New Reality, the future state they most desire.
  2. EXECUTE: Coaches help sellers build and execute action plans, optimising seller efficiency and focus.
  3. ADVISE: Coaches give direct advice to sellers when appropriate to maximise immediate sales wins.
  4. DEVELOP: Coaches develop a client’s knowledge, skills, and attributes to improve performance fundamentally.
  5. MOTIVATE: Coaches motivate clients to find and sustain their highest level of energy and action over the long term.

Unleash the Sales Potential of Your Team with Biz-Guru

Biz-Guru is a sales training, performance improvement company that helps leading organizations improve sales results. We’ve helped hundreds of salespeople, managers, and professionals to increase their sales significantly with our Biz-Guru methodology.

We can help you:

  • Implement Sales Training That Delivers Real Results

Biz-Guru’s sales training system inspires and ignites real change and delivers visible results that last. Our unique approach includes sales team evaluation, customised training programs, change reinforcement, and coaching to help you and your team develop sales skills, and maximise your results.

  • Grow Your Key Accounts

Most companies are unaware of the untapped opportunities that could add more value – and thus sell more – to existing accounts. We assist our clients to capitalise on these revenue growth opportunities.  Whether it’s simply increasing cross selling and up selling or implementing a strategic program, we can help.

  • Identify Who Can and Will Sell with Great Success

Our various assessments measure sales attributes and skills, identifying the factors that really make a difference in sales performance. Whether you’re looking to hire someone who can and will sell, or looking to improve sales performance, we’ll help you build the most successful sales team.

  • Implement World-Class Sales Coaching

We coach salespeople, professionals, and leaders individually and in groups to achieve the most significant increase in sales results. Biz-Guru’s Sales Coaching program truly unlocks and ignites the team’s potential, and keeps them motivated to produce the best results.