Powerful Presentations Program

The power in presentations is in the moment you acknowledge individuals for their willingness to participate in the learning process and unlock their natural desire to seek, understand – and learn.”

The Biz-Guru Powerful Presentations Program is designed to empower and develop any person who is eager to either start a career as a Speaker or anyone who wants to brush up on their presentation skills.

Become a confident, completely spontaneous communicator who gets heard and gets results. The Powerful Presentations Programme is a high-energy, high learning event that is a lot of fun too.

Biz-Guru Powerful Presentations Program

Biz-Guru Powerful Presentations Program

The core of these sessions is a unique mind-conditioning program that immediately instils confidence, energy and assertiveness in even the shyest person.

  • Anticipate and overcome objections
  • Get the tactics, skills and strategies for handling even the toughest objections
  • Re-program your brain so that confidence and power automatically replace any fear, intimidation or uncertainty that may lie lurking in your mind
  • Control the little voice in your head so it doesn’t sabotage you
  • Discover a simple communication process that wins respect and builds rapport instantly
  • Close twice the number of deals
  • Shorten your selling cycle by knowing how to ask the “right” questions
  • Learn how to sell no matter how shy you are
  • Shift any conversation in your favour and control any negotiation

What you will learn from the Powerful Presentations Program:

  • 22 Keys that will virtually ensure 100% increase in presentation effectiveness
  • Avoid the 12 biggest mistakes that all presenters, teachers and facilitators make
  • Command the awe, attention and buying power of any audience
  • Isolate the prospect’s challenges and how to turn challenges into sales opportunities.
  • Learn to prepare and critique yourself so that every presentation sells more than the last
  • Clearly communicate what you do and qualify, motivate and excite anyone in 30 seconds
  • Use secret words that sell and avoid words that create doubt.