What you need to know to create the business you really want


Do you need to create real growth and ensure your energy,
time and money works harder than you do?


If you, your staff or your business is not getting the results you want then there is something within the attitudes, systems, behaviours and culture of your business that needs to be revised.  It needs to be done differently.

 But what needs to be done differently? 

This is the question that a lot of business owners don’t have the answer to.  The formula that they have used from inception that has been tweaked and modified during organic growth has gotten the business to where it is now.  So why change it?  Why wake the sleeping baby?

If you are not in business to make money for a better life
for yourself, your family and your staff,
then why are you in business?

If your business is not satisfying your “WHY” anymore then it is time for a redesign.

So what do we do differently that hasn’t been offered to you 100 times over? Surely all business change agents pretty much do the same thing and offer a similar offering.

Our 12 week mini-MBA Business by Design Programme will reaffirm, teach and guide you how to navigate your business to increase profits and or take it to a new level.

A programme like this markets for between R35 000.00 to R50 000.00 per candidate.

We are offering it to you at R15 000.00 as a once-off payment or R5 500,00 over 3 months.

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Key Objectives Covered during the mini-MBA programme:

  • RoadMap: identify your short to long term objectives by following our practical steps.
  • Finance: understanding the importance of making decisions AND understanding the financial impact thereof.
  • Marketing: create your marketing strategy and implement your Marketing Action Plan to generate business.
  • Sales: gain a variety of practical and interactive techniques to drive revenue.
  • Human Resource: attain the insight on how to effectively work with an internal and external team to increase employee engagement levels and build a customer-centric profitable business.


Biz-Guru Business by Design



We are not in the business to make a fortune at the expense of others.


Our primary values include providing value to business owners at fair and reasonable prices.

“An excellent practical course that gave me new perspective on business. The facilitators have a wonderful sense of humour and I would recommend this course!”
~Cindy Goncalves – Permoseal



R15 000.00 once-off

R5 500.00 (3 month installments)

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