Human Destiny Development

Building a Business Team that Wins!

This step-by-step system is designed to take ordinary people and turn them into a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM in a radically short period of time.

This is a one day course, presented at the client’s premises or at conference venues.

Thousands of books have been published on the subject of Human Destiny Development.  We have distilled the essence of the Human Destiny Development information down into a practical one day course where we teach and explore aspects like affirmation, visualization, meditation, re-scripting, success attitudes, Sedona Method, Neuro-associative conditioning, values, roles, mission statements, the 7-step creative process and most importantly goal setting.  We take our clients through the “passion exercise” to ensure that they are on the correct career path.  Clients leave with a workable plan in place to achieve one of their worthwhile objectives.


  • Coping with & eliminating stress
  • Enhanced ability to influence and motivate others
  • Boosting your performance

    Biz-Guru Human Destiny Development

    Biz-Guru Human Destiny Development

  • Learning the 7-step Creative Process and manifest what you want in life
  • Learning to access Alpha mind power
  • Improved creativity, problem solving ability and intuition
  • Releasing unwanted feelings and emotions on the spot
  • Clarifying your values and roles
  • Writing a mission statement
  • Discovering what matters most
  • Planning and achieving goals
  • Eliminating negative beliefs and develop success attitudes
  • Improved self confidence, self respect and self esteem
  • Discovering your passion

This course also forms the basis of our coaching.  Clients are taken through this course over a 12 week or longer period, meeting with a coach once a week for about an hour and a half.  Attitudinal change is facilitated through exposure to technologies like subliminal conditioning, Paraliminal learning (which is founded on Neuro Linguistic Programming), audio-visual entertainment and Neuro-acoustics.