Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Emotional Intelligence is the Buzz phrase of the nineties for a long-term life-changing trend.

The Biz-Guru Emotional Intelligence Workshop is a practical workshop with easy implementable tools as opposed to the academic theory supplied by the industry to achieve what is vital for a fulfilled life in today’s hectic, technology-orientated world. So instead of trying to manage our modern-day toys, exploring the human spirit is our next frontier. This is an important element because some stability is essential if we’re to cope with the ever-increasing pace of change. Given today’s reality, we’ll only find this security within ourselves. These are our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual requirements. All four work as a system which when balanced makes us happy.

Balance here is a very simple concept. It means making sure our real needs are met. This releases our natural energy which is our source of personal power; and being happy is the key that unlocks this life-force within us.

Features of the Biz-Guru Emotional Intelligence Workshop:

  • The paradox of change
  • Success myths debunked
  • Understanding what makes us ‘tick’ or ‘blow up’ – Danger
  • Aligning your Subconscious and Conscious mind to achieve Success
  • The Grammar of Emotions
  • Exorcising your ‘Demons’ / Inner Chatter
  • Goal Posts
  • Relax or relapse

Benefits of the Biz-Guru Emotional Intelligence Workshop:

  • Learn how to become less emotional about change and how to cope with it effectively.
  • Become aware of the success myths that tend to shatter your dreams or discourage those who desire a successful life and banish them to achieve success without limitation.
  • Learn to find the real causes and look below the surface for the reasons of why people get angry and blow up at the people we see on a daily basis to effectively overcome anger in primary relationships.
  • Our conscious intentions will always be difficult to fulfil unless fully aligned with our subconscious mind. Our limiting beliefs about ourselves arise from an understanding that our patterns of behaviour have been determined at some deeper level, and we need to change and adjust it in order to achieve success and overcome those self-made limitations in our mind.
  • When we are emotionally inept our feelings are deployed as devious weapons to manipulate other people. In this one day course you will learn how to access personal power and tap into healthy life-skills to manoeuvre situations to achieve the outcome you want which guarantees success.
  • Negative Inside Chatter is deadly for our self-esteem. It drains our life-force and, like a toxin, poisons our beliefs and makes us feel helpless. Learn how to control the Demons / Inside Chatter and turn self-doubt into a formidable motivating force.
  • Learn about the importance of having a clear vision or mission statement to know where your life is heading. Turn your vision into reality, plan your growth and achieve those goals.
  • Managing stress is on many people’s personal agendas, yet it remains something to address in future… Living a stressful life manifests as a common cause of many life threatening illnesses. You will learn how to review stress in terms of energy, address your stressors and create a happy, healthier and more relaxed you.

The is a half day work­shop that can be presen­ted in-​house or at a con­fer­ence venue for your­self and your staff. This includes course mater­ial and refresh­ments

FREE BONUS Hand-outs to attendees of the Biz-Guru Emotional Intelligence Workshop:

  1. Self-Esteem Test
  2. Emotional Dictionary
  3. Growth Review Questionnaire