Business events

Business events geared to taking your business to new heights.

Sales Achiever Programme

Sales Achiever Programme

Biz-Guru will be sharing everything we have learnt during our combined expertise with sales, in bite-size practical steps to educate you on your mind-set, with regards to sales skills and assist in getting you into action to achieve the results you believe you can.

Only 4 sessions available, so please don’t miss out!

2 Day Account Management Workshop

Account Management Workshop

The competitive analysis allows for the identification of competitors, examination of previous actions, consideration of strengths and weaknesses and forecast planning.

Only 2 workshops available, so please don’t miss out!

Powerful Presentations Workshop

Powerful Presentations Workshop

The Biz-Guru Powerful Presentations Workshop is designed to empower and develop any person who is eager to either start a career as a Speaker or anyone who wants to brush up on their presentation skills.

This workshop has 1 available date only, so please don’t miss out!

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Finance for non-financial managers

Straight forward and no-nonsense, this course enables you to get straight to the heart of financial issues, demystifies financial information and gives you confidence and control when making financial decisions.

This workshop has only 1 available date, so don’t miss out.

Customer Service Workshops

Biz-Guru Customer Service

The Biz-Guru Customer Service Workshop has one aim: a satisfied customer is as essential to your business’ success, as healthy profits are to the bottom line.

Only 2 available dates, so please don’t miss out!

The Business Women Empowerment Workshop

BEE can mean growth for businesses

Focused on four key areas – leadership, own your Women-ness (Standing in your Power), Team Sustainability and Business Growth by Design. The Business Women Empowerment Workshop kicks off on 19 August 2015 with a opening guaranteed to build peer-to-peer connections and set the stage for learning, inspiration and excitement.

Secretaries Workshop – Being Irreplaceable

Secretaries Workshop – Being Irreplaceable

Is your Personal Assistant / Executive Assistant / Secretary or Administrator working to the best of their ability and reaching their full potential in their role, whilst offering you the highest level of support that you need?

Join us on 2 September 2015

The Executives Breakfast

Executives Breakfast

The Executives Breakfast provides an opportunity for business people and others to deepen their understanding and knowledge on businesses and people.

Join us on 16 October 2015

Mini Entrepreneurship Week

Mini Entrepreneurship Week

We guarantee the speaker lineup for Biz-Guru’s Mini Entrepreneurship Week reflects a wide array of inspiring, motivating and thought-provoking speakers.

Joins us on 2-4 November 2015