If you believe the phrase you are what you think, then life truly stems from your thoughts. But, we cannot rely purely on thoughts; we must translate thoughts into words and eventually into actions in order to manifest our intentions. 

Your mind will go wherever you aim it to go. This shouldn’t be any surprise to you. For example, focus on scarcity and you get more scarcity. Most of us let our minds go to whatever pops up and grabs our attention and yet we don’t exert our control. So, how does one escape this rut? The human mind is a spectacular thing! Biz-Guru’s AffiQuestions has one goal: to awaken your own inner power through the magic of a question. Not just any question, but a question designed to awaken something miraculous within you – easily, naturally and playfully.

Together with our eager team, Biz-Guru refined ways and processes over time for salespeople, professionals, and leaders based on the countless hours spent with clients. From this, Biz-Guru’s brainchild was finally born – AffiQuestions. It indeed became clear that people tend to make statements they don’t even believe – about their lives, their jobs, even their money – which leads them down a path of failure. Not because of the process, but because of the disempowering words these statements or affirmations contain. Your mind has an Automatic Search Function, which means that when you ask a question, your mind automatically searches for the answer. We are shown this from the Biblical times: “You have not, because you ask not.” “Ask and it is given.” You create your life by the statements you say to yourself and others, and by the questions you ask yourself and others.

Biz-Guru AffiQuestions

Biz-Guru AffiQuestions

By asking an empowering question, you focus on what you do have, what you can do and this allows you to keep your power. Empowering questions unleashes your ability to take action and focuses your mind on the possibilities of how things can be done even better. This is exactly what AffiQuestions is all about. Affirmations – A statement of something you want to be true in your life. “I want to grow my business and attract more customers without struggling.”

  • Questions – an expression of inquiry that calls for a reply. “How?”
  • AffiQuestions – Asking the question on how to attain what you want to be true in your life: “How can I grow my business and attract more customers without struggling?”

Remember, if you don’t change your actions, you won’t change your results. AffiQuestions is the core of Biz-Guru’s methodology and processes. The AffiQuestions Method allows you to view a broader spectrum of choices and possibilities rather than few options you are currently seeing. How does it get any better than that?

Biz-Guru is a sales training and performance improvement company that helps leading organizations improve their results. We’ve helped hundreds of salespeople, managers, and professionals to increase their sales significantly with our Biz-Guru methodology by making use of AffiQuestions to assist people in increasing their income, raising their self-confidence, improving their relationships, being happier and more at ease. The AffiQuestions Method is a process that gives you the skills, tools and strategies you require to create and design a more abundant life.

The AffiQuestions Method is ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs who want to rapidly grow their business without the hassle
  • People who want to make more money
  • People who want to work smarter not harder
  • People who want to attract more high-paying customers while staying true to one’s values and spiritual guidance
  • Creating new relationships
  • Quitting bad habits
  • Improving one’s business performance
  • Closing more sales

How AffiQuestions will benefit you:

  • Make more money without the stress and hassle
  • Be happier and healthier than before
  • Leverage your time and income so you do more of what you love
  • Rapidly grow your business
  • Gain the confidence you’ve always wanted
  • Create your own AffiQuestions to manifest your dreams faster and easier
  • Manifest your desires without anxiety
  • Learn the secrets to maximize every opportunity
  • Discover how to live more abundantly

I invite you to use Biz-Guru’s AffiQuestions as a starting point to examine your subconscious assumptions and strengthen your positive beliefs.

Why do I want to win in sales? Why do I love selling so much? Why am I so healthy? Why do I take responsibility for my health? Why is it OK to like myself? Why am I free from worry? Why am I at peace? Why do so many great people love and support me? Why am I so successful? What would it take for me to be more successful?

Biz-Guru AffiQuestions

Biz-Guru AffiQuestions

Always, always stay in the question.