Personal development process

The Biz-Guru team is a group of business change catalysts that have assisted thousands of businesses to improve their performance and profitability. We understand that, for a business to grow, it needs to invest in the on-going training and career development of its greatest assets – its people. Our programmes offer access to a comprehensive range of business skills, tools and techniques and are applicable to all levels within a business – from the owner and managers, to the junior members of the team.


Whether you choose to come to one of our public programmes, run a programme inhouse, or step into a partnering program,  our specialty is turning complicated concepts and information into simple action steps that can be implemented immediately. Our team brings our clients a wealth of practical information, helping them to develop the techniques and strategies to consistently overcome frustrations, challenges and frazzledness.

Biz-Guru has four fundamental approaches to develop your business and your team:

  • The Business Re-Engineering ProcessThe Biz-Guru Business Re-Engineering Process (BRP) is an in-depth look at the processes of your business. Working together, we help the business owner identify what aspects of the business need to be addressed to rapidly create the greatest positive impact. In doing so we study a suite of 150 critical aspects in 7 different business categories to:
  • Identify the Net Present Position of the business.
  • Clarify the goals for the business and individuals within it, BEE and skills development.
  • Prepare a Strategic Plan for the next 12 months.
  • The Business Strategic Planning Process

We use the Biz-Guru Road Map Process to work with your business to create an extremely functional and easy to use Map that serves as a blueprint for the next 3-5 years.

  • The BEE Enrichment Process

Biz-Guru defines Skills Development and Supplier Development as core or non-core to the value adding operations of your business, aligning it with your MAP and designing the spend to have a growth effect on the business itself, and not only on the BEE scorecard.

  • The Business Behavioural Assessment Process

The Business Behavioural Assessment Process creates awareness among every member of your team, increasing their functionality and aligning their deliverables with the pre-determined growth strategy of the business.


Biz-Guru identifies the areas of development by establishing the Net Present Position of the individual or the business. During this process the challenges and opportunities are highlighted and followed by the planned implementation of  the action steps necessary to bring about change.

We facilitate in the design of  your Road Map that provides you with clarity, focus and direction. We make use of leading-edge Accelerated Learning by actively involving the whole person, using physical activity, creativity, music, images and colour. We create a safe environment which enables people to step into their true potential, help implement personal change and change within the business, whilst simultaneously driving and maintaining accountability and results. Finally, we reassess where they are and restart the process again. This is a continous process that creates sustainable change.


Biz-Guru follows proven methodologies and a systematic approach to achieve positive growth in a matter of weeks depending on the client, the individual, the focus and the level of commitment. We prepare the individual for change, create the awareness of why change is necesarry and manage the process through the stressful periods. We review results and determine progress on a quarterly basis.


When Biz-Guru works with a client, we take on the role of an active partner to  ensure the business succeeds, the pre-determined strategy is executed and aligned, costs are reduced and  core business skills are developed and transferred to the individual and organisation. We do this via our selected change catalysts enabling you to move from theory to creating a sustainable reality. Our core values which drive our every decision when working with a client is what we live and operate by: Making a Difference, Effectiveness, Results Orientated, Dymanic and Unity.

Biz-Guru offers you the benefits of:

  • Our experts – We have a first class team of expert change catalysts located in Johannesburg, available to travel anywhere around the world, who have unparalleled experience in practical and comprehensive training solutions.
  • Our Programmes – Our associates present more than 100 programmes. We are confident that we have a course and facilitator to meet your requirements.
  • Our Teaching Methods – What makes us so different is the practical nature of our training programmes:
  • Case Studies
  • Creation of Sustainable systems
  • Practical Exercise sessions
  • Real-life examples, role-plays and group work
  • Post course learning support contract and coaching pack provided to management to ensure implementation of learning in the workplace.

Here are 5 reasons to contact us to learn how we can help to develop your business and your team:

  1. During these challenging economic times, you want to grow your business by investing in your management and to protect it from staff turnover, low productivity and declining morale.
  2. Our talent is communicating business concepts in a brief, but very powerful format – through training, coaching and mentorship.
  3. The practical nature of our training programmes (case studies, role-plays, group work, practical exercises and real-life examples) makes us different.
  4. Our patented templates and tools were developed by expert trainers delivering 108 courses across four continents, so we can guarantee that your team will apply what they have learnt.
  5. Much of our business comes from referrals, showing how clients value our impact on their businesses.


Business Made Simple

Business Made Simple

Our training academy Business Made Simple is fully accredited by the Services Seta and is a Level 2 BEE Service Provider. We offer 108 training programmes, workshops, coaching and mentoring strategies that are Unit Standard aligned and made specific to our customer’s skills and business requirements. We believe in aligning your Skills Development Spend with your company goals / targets. Business Made Simple aims at making all our sessions highly practical by teaching the basic theory to delegates and allowing them to physically implement these skills during the training by means of: Role-plays, Case studies, Debates, Demonstrations, Assignments, Team exercises, Fish Bowl, Discussions and Toolkits.


Biz-Guru’s team is trained and certified in business psychology, strategies, and methods that have been developed, tested and used to grow businesses for the last 25 years. In a mentoring programme the business owner will work one-to-one with a Biz-Guru to improve sales performance, team productivity and accountability, marketing effectiveness, strategic planning, operational profits, financial performance, customer service, leadership development, executive coaching and time management.


Biz-Youth’s team is focused on developing leadership within sports teams.  We develop college and high school student-athletes and coaches into world-class leaders on and off the playing fields. We do this through engaging and interactive programmes. Our programmes prove that leaders indeed can be developed and do make a big difference on the playing fields, on campus, and in the community.


Since our start-up in 2007 we have worked with companies such as:

Bidvest Financial Services | Toshiba South Africa | FloSolve | Gammatec | On Tap | Coastal Hire | SA Franchise Warehouse | Marder Properties | WorldNet Logistics | General Cable | Advance Driving Institute | Hackle Brooke Conference Venue |  Pall Filtration | Akzo Nobel  | MultiTrade | MasterDrive | Integral Networking | ABSA Bank Limited | Access Freight Intl | Airtel | Arcelor Mittal | Barclays | Cell C | Etisalat | MTN | Nedbank Limited | Old Mutal Bank | Pfizer Laboratories Ltd | Primeserv Outsourcing | PSG Treasury | Shell SA Pty | Standard Bank | Stewarts & Lloyds | Vodacom | Vodafone Zain