Sales Training Partnering Program

The Biz-Guru Sales Training Partnering Program allows you to bring in the experience of a proven senior Sales Facilitator to help you recruit, train, and maximise the performance of your sales team.

If you have a Sales Manager, the Biz-Guru Sales Guru will be able to assist with:

  • mentoring your Sales Manager,
  • or simply serve as a sales training resource to improve the skills and accountability of your team.

Biz-Guru Sales Training Partnering Program Outcomes:

  • Introduction of a Code of Honour for your sales team
  • To develop accountability within the team
  • To introduce a Sales System that is target driven, results focused, and measured
  • To develop key sales skills within the team such as Objection Handling, and an Elevator Pitch
  • To develop a target market for each Sales Person
  • To assist in developing a full incentive program for the team
  • To develop the whole Team into a Sales Focused organization
  • To assist and drive the sales team to achieve set targets

With the Biz Guru Sales Training Partnering Program you get the flexibility of a Senior Sales Executive for a fraction of the investment.