Leap Frog Coaching Program

The Biz-Guru Leap Frog Coaching Program is designed to take ordinary people and turn them into a “CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM” in a radically short period of time.

It is based on the premise that most people want to be the best they can be if provided with the right Context, Framework, and Tools. Establishing a Safe Environment is the first step in the process to building a “Championship Team”. We use this process to generate unprecedented increases in productivity, sales, income, and personal fulfillment.

The Leap Frog Coaching Program is:

  • Designed to provide a tangible understanding of why people operate the way they do.
  • Designed to equip and enable your team to identify current values/behaviours of individuals within their teams which are and aren’t aligned to the new value system of your company.
  • The Leap Frog Coaching Program is designed to develop your team leaders with the skills to allow them to effectively coach and mentor their teams to change/align their behaviours to the new company standards.
  • The Leap Frog Coaching Program is designed to create a strong support context where your leadership can effectively work and communicate together with a common approach to help enable a faster transition of behaviour standards within the organisation.
  • Designed to train and develop the skills of your team leaders with the ability to create an environment where their teams can hold and support other team members in changing behaviour patterns in a positive, effective and unifying manor.

Biz-Guru assists businesses​s in taking a LEAP forward.