Entrepreneurial Growth Program

An amazing Entrepreneurial Growth Program that runs over a 6 month period for Entrepreneurs not ready for one-to-one mentoring or for start-ups, youth, incubators, enterprises, supplier development programs and even micro businesses.

Our premium group Entrepreneurial Growth Program has been developed with a strong focus on training sales professionals, business owners, network marketing professionals, and anyone who needs to improve their ability to:

Biz-Guru Entrepreneurial Growth Program

Biz-Guru Entrepreneurial Growth Program

  • sell,
  • persuade, and
  • Become a high impact presenter/trainer.

We align the best Biz-Gurus to assist you in achieving your goals!

When attending Biz-Guru’s Entrepreneurial Growth Program, you will learn the importance of driving and measuring the right activities to grow your business. Through hands-on application, you’ll learn the skills, discipline, practice and accountability necessary to excel in any industry.

The Entrepreneurial Growth Program is focused on:

  • Sales skills
  • Accountability
  • Setting targets and measuring stats
  • Core business skills such as understanding how to read basic financial numbers
  • Cash Flow Generation Strategies
  • Financial Training – Language of Business
  • Team and Business Development
  • Marketing